Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Betrayal Of The Lurker: Finale

In the last episode of The Alliance vs The Arse Licking Cat aka Pat Hatt it appeared as if The Angry Lurker had betrayed Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air.  Or had he.....

On a deserted airfield a plane lands and a large man disembarks. Could it be?

Why yes, it appears as if the Dictator of Franonia has flown into Serbia for a secret meeting with The Alliance.

Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air  escorted the Dictator to Shenanigans Pub for his covert meeting with Dez, the co-founder of The Alliance.

Under deep cover (of a straw cowboy hat) the Lurker turned over the intelligence he gathered while  doing recon on the domicile of the Arse Licking Cat.

What follows may be to horrible for those of gentle spirit.

The feline offender was caught red-pawed looking at "kitty porn"

Despite the Cat's friend Emilio's effort at clawing the cameraman this video was filmed during broad daylight.

Rumors that the Cat's long time paramour, the Viking Lady, had given birth to their spawn were confirmed.

The child, who has feet like a chimpanzee was seen feeding himself beer.

And an act so heinous even the Pope cried was filmed later that day.

In a subterranean level of his domicile, the Cat shoots human children out of the arse end of an elephant.

Now I ask you people of the world "Should this feline offender not be wiped from the face of the earth?"

And the last remaining question to be answered. "Has Anne O'Leary defected to Rayonia"

Not bloody likely. I did manage to gather some intel while on my "visit" to Rayonia and I smuggled it across the border in the one place neither Ray nor any of his men would dare to look.

In me knickers.

I've got a little time to play with you Hooligans today and I'd like to have some fun. Later this evening I'm off to hospital to be with the love of my life who is now awake.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Surgery Update

Many of you have kindly sent emails asking me how the Hubby is and I promised to write a post that gives some details that better explain things.  First I'm going to put up a picture that won't look bad on your blogrolls before I begin.

The Hubby is in critical condition and is on life support.  The best way to explain this is by use of a picture.

The surgeon opted to access the spine by going in through the front rather than through the back.  An incision was made at the midline of the neck and the vocal cords, trachea and esophagus were moved and clamped to one side for the entire length of the surgery which took about 12 hours.  Two discs were removed and a double fusion of three vertebrae was done. The compression on the spinal cord was so severe that the function that the Hubby has lost will never be regained.  At the moment there is sensation in all limbs.

He is currently being kept in a light coma and will be on life support for an indeterminate amount of time.  He will be in hospital for a minimum of two weeks and maybe more depending on complications.

Because the trachea and vocal chords were displaced so far and for so long, the Hubby will have to learn how to swallow again. He will require speech therapy and may lose the ability to speak depending on how much damage was done to his vocal chords during surgery.  We won't know the extent of the damage until later.

Currently I am at home for a break while his mother takes over. We will take turns so that the Hubby is never alone. This is not an easy thing to write about and it's not an easy thing to endure, but getting emotional on blogger will not help me so I'm not going to talk about how I feel at the moment.

I will be around to read blogs today and to comment, but I have to get some sleep first as it has been a long week.  I have put my comments on moderation today as I don't know how late I will be sleeping in. I hope you all understand.

Monday, May 21, 2012

W.I.P. Meet The Ladies

Currently I have four pieces on the painting table and this is a first for me.  Prior to this I have only worked on one piece at a time and realized that it was time to learn something new.

The first miniature is from Dark Sword Miniature and is a 32mm scale figure. This was sculpted by Jeff Grace and as usual with this manufacturer the quality is superior. On this figure I have begun to do some highlighting.


Meet Elsie, fellow blogger and member of The Alliance. Not only is Elsie an Elfin Princess, but she was the first blogger to be recruited to aid the Alliance in ridding the world of the feline offender Cat Yes folks, the story of The Alliance vs The Arse Licking Cat will be coming to you in 3D. (Elsie, your arm will be glued on later).

The next figures are Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures and are 32 mm scale.  These figures are Ronin and were sculpted by James Van Schaik.  I felt like it was time for me to paint something other than Dark Sword miniatures so I could compare product lines and learn something new as a painter.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the casting. There were a lot of mold lines, a lot of fletching and a lot of imperfections.  When compared to Dark Sword miniatures, which sell at the same price point, I found this to be an inferior product.  The poses are dynamic and the detailed sculpt of the musculature is what carries these figures.  I also discovered that the paint behaved differently on these figures and it took me several attempts to alter my technique to adjust for this.

I have done nothing more than apply a base coat to these figures. I know the slots are upside down, but I will buy new bases and new inserts soon and use those.

This my fellow blogger Jax and she's a wild cowgirl. She's wearing sunglasses which you'll be able to see when I'm done painting.

Meet MaMTC another fellow blogger and she's packing some serious heat here.

And this is my daughter The Spawn.  There's never a good time to run into her. Even without the gun she's scary.

What will these girls do, you ask?  Why they will be saving us all in the terrible days to come. For there is an apocalypse on it's way. Something far more sinister, far more frightening and far more epic than the Zombie Apocalypse.  


I found this bad boy when I went outside to water my flowers yesterday. He scared me shitless.

And these bastards were attacking my roses. I thought Japanese Beetles were going to be problem this summer, but they don't make a spray to kill these guys.  So it's up to the Ronin to slay them in battle!!  

The Hubby is scheduled for surgery tomorrow and I should blog again on Thursday or Friday when I'll have the finale of The Betrayal of The Lurker posted.

I want to take a moment to say this about the Hubby. I am a lucky woman to have married this man and I will be lucky no matter how this surgery turns out. I love him more today than I did on the day we met, because our love is tempered by time and maturity. We have been together for 25 years and married for 23 of those come November. Our love will go the distance.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anne O'Leary Takes On The Angry Lurker

The shocking news that two Irish people are engaged in a smack-down of epic proportions is rocking the blogosphere.  The Irish are known the world over for their tolerance, their gentleness when dealing with each other and their short memories (insert sarcasm here).  What could possibly have rattled the cage of the normally sanguine Anne O'Leary, CEO of O'Leary Air and co-founder of The Irish/Serbian Gossip Alliance?

Has anyone seen this man?

In a public statement made last week The Angry Lurker aka Fran, the Dictator of Franonia sided with Pat Hatt aka as The Arse Licking Cat in in an altercation between the feline offender and The Alliance.

The face of an innocent woman.

O'Leary who is known as a woman of gentle speech and who is known to rarely cuss "flipped her shit" after hearing of the betrayal.  The diminutive O'Leary was heard to threaten the big Irishman by "throwing dishes at him" and by "shaking him so hard his teeth rattle in his head."  

Dez, longtime friend of O'Leary and co-founder of the Alliance was heard to say "I'm so shocked I can't move" and "Annzie, the lurking snake bites you."

In a recent post Angry stirred the pot by suggesting that O'Leary is planning to defect to Rayonia. The Dictators followers responded by enthusiastically demanding the death/stoning/shooting of O'Leary.

The question "What is behind the Lurker's betrayal?" remains unanswered. Speculation runs wild with some insisting that the Lurker had to have been bought off by the poo eating Cat, while others claim it was nothing more than a momentary lapse of reason on the part of the Dictator.  Conspiracy theories are beginning to circulate that the two Irish people hatched this mad scheme on their own in order to infiltrate both the headquarters of The Arse Licking Cat and the rebel Ray of Rayonia.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates.

News on The Hubby:  The Hubby's surgery is scheduled to take place on Tuesday of next week. Thanks to all of you for your concern and your prayers.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

We Interrupt This Post

I'm doing something I've never done before, I'm interrupting a running post. We just received a call from The Hubby's neurosurgeon and all the test results are now in. As some of my closest blogger friends know we have been rather frightened for these last two weeks. 

I'm almost at a loss for words right now, my fear is so great. The decision has been made to proceed with two spinal surgeries and teams are being assembled while I write this.  There is no way to avoid the cervical spinal surgery. This is the upper neck for those of you who are unfamiliar with this terminology. The cervical spinal cord is responsible for innervating the respiratory system and loss of function at this level will leave the Hubby a quadriplegic as well.  The second surgery will be done in the lumbar (lower back region) where two discs will be removed and the vertebrae fused together.  

I know that the vast majority of you do not believe in God, but some of you do. For those of you who do, I would ask that you pray that God guide the hands of the surgeons who will be performing these surgeries. I ask that you pray that God grant my family the strength to endure what is to come and I ask you that God grant me peace while going through this.

If I drop off the blogosphere suddenly and for an extended period of time, you know where I'll be. Those of you with my email address can contact me. I ask that you be patient with me on getting back to you.

Thank you.

Thank You Bersercules

As most of you know by now I have defeated my Evil Nemesis Bersercules and I now hold the title of The Master Of The Universe.  The men of Ireland drew in more pageviews than the women of Ireland did as I knew they would do.

Rather than crow about my victory over the wiley Canadian I thought I'd thank him instead.

Brittney Spears

Brittney Spears is Bersercules favorite hotty so I've put a picture of her up here for him. It took me hours to find a tasteful picture of this woman, but I did it.  Every time I Googled her name in Google automatically filled in Brittney Spears bald.

Bersercules was the first blogger to share his email address and to see me as more than just a follower and he was the one who taught me the joys of playing with my fellow bloggers. We had a wonderful time one night running back and forth from each others blogs making jokes about worm holes and rifts in the space-time dimension because we blog in different time zones.  

I also want to thank all the women who swarmed this page to look at the gorgeous men of Ireland. Our men seem to have something "extra", something you can't quite put your finger on.

Jamie Dornan

I think you can see from this picture of Jamie Dornan what that "something extra" is. We Irishwomen have tried for centuries to keep this fact a secret from the rest of the world, lest our island be swarmed by women wanting to mate with our men. Well the secrets "out there" and I expect to see a rise in tourism to Ireland very soon. 

I have quite a few new people who are gamers/painters reading my blog now and I want to direct this next bit towards them. The primary function of this blog is to brighten up otherwise dreary days by giving people a fun place to come to. It's can be bawdy and it can be poignant as well. There is serious art combined with comedy. And there is a lively comments section as well and it can sometimes get outrageous with multiple conversations taking place at once. If you don't want to comment during these times, I completely understand. 

I will be posting my first W.I.P. on Saturday and hope to see you then.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Lone Painter

Today I'm posting my fifth miniature and my first critter a Rabbit Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures, sculpted by Dave Summers. When I first saw this figure my first thought was "Oh he's so cute, I have to have him."  When I received him and took him out of the box I realized I'd gotten the true character of the figure wrong.

What I held in my hands was not a "cute" rabbit, it was a fiercely determined warrior. So when I went to paint him it was that characteristic that I wanted to draw out from the figure.  And the eyes were critical.  I lined the eyes with a metallic black then did the eyeball itself with a mixture of metallic green and russet brown. I then let the metallic black paint thicken on the palette and picked up a small amount with the end of brush and dabbed it onto the eyeball. I then used a small amount of white paint to create the reflection.  I did all of this using a size 4/0 Kalinsky Sable brush. Paints were purchased for 67 cents a bottle at the local hobby store (I know the horror, the horror of cheap acrylic paint).

I knew I wanted the cloak red and then chose the remaining colors based on that decision. The base I painted myself and I tried to create a marbling effect. I'm not sure if I succeeded on that point.

One of my favorite part of the figure is this satchel. I think I did a fair job of "weathering" the satchel.  I used Crimson Red from Reaper MSP HD to do the cloak. This red had beautiful black undertones that increased as I built up the layers.

Overall I don't think this is a bad effort for my fifth miniature. I added a lot of detail to the figure, but some of that looks sloppy to me.  I think I improved on the cloak this time though. I was able to find the mid tone when painting the cloak and although I know the highlights could have come higher, I was pleased with my results.

Now about the title of this post, "The Lone Painter". I exist as a painter of miniatures in a world without  the camaraderie of fellow painters or gamers who paint miniatures. Due to the circumstances of my life I know this is unlikely to change. And to make matters worse I'm a female and we have pesky feelings. It was very difficult for me to read your Salute posts. While I was happy that all of you could come together and share your passion and come to know one another, I felt alone and singular.  On the outside, looking in.

Now I could choose to sit around and wallow in those feelings or I could choose to use it to do something creative, something that I could identify those feelings with.  And it was when I was almost done with this figure that I began to identify myself within it. I'm fiercely determined just like this Rabbit Ranger so I decided to take him as my emblem. With a little play on the words "The Lone Ranger", I came up with "The Lone Painter.

I like this little guy and I've placed him in the top right corner of my sidebar to remind myself that lone does not mean lonely.

All photos have been digimarked. If any of these photos are downloaded I will receive notification and I will request that Digimark trace the photo. A digimarked photo can be traced directly to the computer of the person doing the download. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In Remembrance

This is a post to mark the anniversary of my mother's birth. She is no longer with us as she passed four years ago.  It is from her that I get my strength, my artistic abilities, the features of my face and my voice.

No matter what difficulties we were facing my mother taught me that it was a persons perception that was the key to endurance. If there was but a finger full of water in a glass most people would see that glass as almost empty. My mother would take that finger full of water, pour it into a shot glass and say "See pet, your glass is full."  

When she was sixty-five my mother picked up a paintbrush on a whim and never having painted before put brush to canvas and began painting landscapes in oil.  She had a natural gift that lay dormant and one day bloomed full. 

I speak with my mothers voice and laugh with her laugh.  So much so that I can bring my little sisters to heel with a few words and make my Auntie cry when she hears me laugh. And when I look in the mirror, I see her eyes looking out through mine.

I am unable to visit her at the cemetery and lay fresh flowers on her grave, but I give her these photos in remembrance.

Mary Theresa O'Leary May 3, 1932-January 11, 2008

I miss you Mom from your loving daughter.

I will be posting a miniature on Monday. It is my first critter, a Rabbit Huntsman and I am really enjoying working on him.  The figure will post from Monday through Wednesday. During that time, I will be blog hopping and reading blogs and asking gamers and painters that do not follow me for input. Although this is intimidating for me to do, as a new painter I must do it.  When I posted my knight I asked over 20 people that I did not know if they would come and critique me.  One responded. I thank you. 
To those of you who so kindly follow me and comment I thank you and appreciate your input.  I am not asking for a shout out from anyone. This is something I must do on my own if I am to be accepted in the painting community. So if you see my signal repeatedly hitting your page, I'm rummaging through your followers.

All photos have been digimarked. If any of these photos are downloaded I will receive notification and I will request that Digimark trace the photo. A digimarked photo can be traced directly to the computer of the person doing the download. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Temporarily Unavailable

The Hubby has doctor and hospital appointments every day for the rest of this week.  These are going to be long days for us as we have to drive to different cities for these appointments. Therefor I will not be blogging for the rest of the week.

I definitely will not be logging onto blogger today. I will comment on Thursday and Friday if I am able. I'd like to thank all of you for showing up yesterday and making the day a great one for me.  And despite a herculean effort at cheating, I beat my Evil Nemesis Bersercules in the challenge.

I am now The Master of The Universe!!  I will write a wrap-up post for this next week and I promise to make it fun for everyone.

You may leave comments, but I won't be in to reply. So I won't be offended if you choose not to. It's Wednesday and you all have a lot of blogs to comment on and I don't want to hold you up.

Everyone have a great day and a great weekend to come.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Gorgeous Women of Ireland

The day has finally come when I will destroy my arch enemy Bersercules. The wiley Canadian challenged me for the title of Master Of The Universe a week ago today when he dared me to post pictures of the Women of Ireland to see if they could bring in more pageviews than the Men of Ireland did last week.

The Men of Ireland hauled in a whopping 493 pageviews and that's the number the Women of Ireland have to beat today. At the start of today I have 25,506 pageviews and in order for Bersercules to win, the number on the stats counter at the top of the page must exceed 25,999 by the end of the day.

There are some out there who speak treason. Pat aka The Arse Licking Cat over at It's Rhyme Time has openly vowed to cheat just to spite me.  Is it any coincidence that Pat is a Canadian? I think not.  Is it fair that I get attacked by not one but two Canadians? I think not.

The Irish/Serbian Alliance will convene next week to determine what course of action will be taken against Canada in the days to follow.  The Alliance, headed by myself and my cohort Dez The Hollywood Spy will stop at nothing to see justice done. (for those of you who don't know Pat, Dez and I have been writing a separate blog in all 3 of our comment sections called "The Alliance vs The Arse Licking Cat". We have a rather large audience that reads only our comment sections to follow the ongoing saga).

And now for the Gorgeous Women of Ireland.

Sarah Bolger

Samantha Mumba

Orla Brady

Jane Fraser

In Honor of Irish Women

Eyes filled with fire
ringed with gold
a smile sweet
to pierce 
a mans soul.

A will of
molten steel
fire forged
by hardship

But blessed 
is she
to love
an Irish man.

                                                                                          O'Leary, Anne 04-30-12
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