Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reaper Anti Paladin

I thought I'd do something unexpected and post late on a Saturday.  Now this is my 15th post of the year, but don't think that means this means I'm going to keep this breakneck pace up for long, because I'm not. When it comes to my blog, I believe less is more.

So, I painted this guy up some time ago for someone else and I hated it. I hated the figure and I hated the palette. I swear on all that is holy that I will never paint a figure and a palette that isn't of my choice again. Which means I'll never be a commission painter.  But that's okay as I want to enjoy this as a hobby only.

The original agreement was that this was to be painted at table top quality with no basing. Somehow I found myself agreeing to paint undead skin and to do object source lighting from the sword and also do the basing on a 50mm base that I had to supply myself. As if that wasn't bad enough I did four other figures that I hated more than this one. Clearly, I'm an idiot.

Well I hope this monstrosity of a figure and my attitude towards it gave you a bit of a chuckle on a Saturday as that was my intention.  I posted this on a Saturday when only a handful of people will see it for a reason.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reaper Deadland Noir

Recently Reaper Miniatures added a couple of Pulp Noir figures to their Chronoscope line and they are just beautiful. I first saw them in their Preview Gallery and had to wait impatiently for them to be released. The wait almost killed me, but finally they came out and I picked up three of the five new figures.

This is the first of the three I have painted. He's 28mm and was sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.

I sculpted the base from Super Sculpey.

Two of the things I like most about this figure are the coat and that snub nose pistol he's holding. I'm not certain what the book he's holding is intended to be. I chose to interpret it as a magical text of some kind and painted it in a deep purple. It contrasts with his clothing, but is not so loud that it dominates the figure.

I've had to put painting the other two figures aside as I'm participating in Reapers Summer Painting Challenge and the theme is Sci-Fi.  I plan on submitting four entries and three of those are on the painting table right now. I may post some of them as W.I.P.'s as they are rather involved pieces and I'd like some input as I go.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Deadly Dino's Attack O'Leary

Do you know what it's like to stumble upon a group of dinosaurs hiding amongst your roses? Well I do.

When I saw these guys yesterday I thought to myself "Anne, you're going to have to stop drinking gin."  But on closer inspection I discovered I wasn't hallucinating. Dino's had indeed invaded my yard and were coming perilously close to my strawberry patch. So I started up the mower and launched a counter attack.  When those Dino's saw the mower coming near them, they fled before the whirling blades of death. 

Something tells me they'll be back.....

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Liebster Award & Tales from the Garden

Today I'd like to say thank you to Brandon "The Kiwi" at The Gamers Table for honouring my blog with a nomination for the Liebster Award.  The idea behind the Liebster is to introduce one another to blogs we might not be familiar with. It is a chance to learn new things and to meet new people.

Rather than make a small list of blogs to pass the award on to, I'd like to direct you all to the blogroll on the right sidebar of my page. It is full of excellent blogs, both of the gaming and non gaming sort. So if you're a gamer you might want to see what the rest of the blogosphere gets up to. And if I'm the only painter you read, please take a look at the talented people whom I share my hobby with.

I've fallen behind on my blog reading for the last few days and I apologise. Those of you have known me for some time may have a pretty good idea of where I've been.  I've been working in my gardens.

This years work goes far beyond the norm for me.  The severe cold damaged all of my rose bushes, my lavender, my sage and my Butterfly Bush and they all had to be cut back to about six inches. Now I don't just have one of each of these plants, I've dozens so it was a lot of work.  Further I had to have two trees that were rotten cut completely down.  This changed the light in two of my gardens. Where once I had part shade and part sun, I now have full sun. This meant moving about 30 pants into new places. Then there's the vegetables that had to be put down and I began work on a sixth flower garden as well. 

I'm putting in about 10 hours a day and it's wreaking havoc on my knee. By the end of each day, I've got my leg elevated and am using ice packs to bring the swelling down. This is something I go through every year, so it's not a big deal but it is does make sitting under the laptop extremely uncomfortable. Hopefully I'll be back to some sort of normal by the end of the month.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and to the Americans, I wish you all a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hasslefree Survivor Joe

Of late I have found myself attracted to sculpts that are less elaborate than the Fantasy figures I've previously painted.  I'm looking for stripped down sculpts with clean lines that give me an opportunity to focus on the basics of good painting.

The Hasslefree Modern Adventurers sculpted by Kev White have captured my attention.  This is a 25mm Survivor named Joe.  Kevin used his superior knowledge of human anatomy to make this figure regal, proud and blindingly handsome.

I sculpted the base myself from Super Sculpey.

The skin tone was of critical importance to me. I wanted something rich, something deep to emphasize the character of the figure.  But I didn't have any paints in my possession to accomplish what I pictured in my mind.  Therefor I had to create a custom mix that would give me what I wanted.

I began by basing with Reaper Suntan as my midtone. Then I worked my way down into the shadows with Reaper Sunburn.  This gave the skin a strong red bias that needed to be toned down.  So I applied a wash of Citadel Nulin Oil.  This cut the red and gave me depth of colour. I then brought the highlights back up by using Reaper Suntan, mixed with increasing amounts of Reaper Rosy Skin. After I'd reached the highest points, I watered down the Nulin Oil and applied two layers as a very thin glaze.  

After I'd photographed him I realized that I should have put some blood effects on the bat along with some pooled blood on the sidewalk as I'm fairly certain that Joe has bashed in more than a few zombie heads with that bat. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rivet Wars Eastern Front

Thanks to Paul aka as Warlord Paul, I now own the boardgame Rivet Wars, Eastern Front. Paul had a give away on his blog a couple of weeks ago and I won the prize draw. The winner was allowed to pick any board game of their choosing and Paul would buy it for them.

I looked at a lot of games and showed each one to The Hubby and The Spawn. Together we chose Rivet Wars Eastern Front.  It arrived in the post on Friday and I almost fell down when I saw all the goodness inside that box.

Look at all those minis! And that's not even half of them.

Look at that Steampunk style.

I've got cards, dice, markers, tiles, and a rulebook, just like a real gamer. The high I got from going through the contents of the box was even bigger than the high I got from opening my first blister pack. I'm now in phase two of this hobbies addiction and I'm going down without a fight. I've to learn the game yet, but am looking at game play videos and it's starting to make sense.

I showed the figures to The Hubby and he LOVES them! They're really big, he can see all the details and they will be easy for him to pick up and move around, a benefit that I didn't think about.  There are two forces, The Allies and The Blighters.  I'm giving The Hubby The Allies and I'm going to play The Blighters.  I like the Blighters because they are led by General E. Romler. When I was a little girl and played WWII with my cousin, I always had to be Rommel as he was my favourite General.  The Hubby is quite pleased to be General G. Patston, as he is a fan of General Patton.  I'm going to annihilate his forces!

Once we get the hang of the game I'll do an AAR to report how things turned out.

 May the Dice Gods be with me.

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